Steph Kerry: The man who changed basketball

Steph Kerry has invented a new kind of leadership. Quiet leadership, not fearlessness. Everyone adores and respects him, but no one dares to dare and make a mistake because of him. You always begged your teammates to dare, think outside the box, err, and be a part of the work of art called team basketball.
Kevin Durant, for example, was not accepted as a leader at any of his stations. He must love his team on the Brooklyn. They always found their potential next to him. You have to have absolute control over your ego and human and athletic maturity to let that happen. Kerry told his teammates: Get involved; I’m your insurance policy.
The fun, spectacular, jet-set basketball of Golden State was first and foremost IQ basketball. Focus on where you are best and stay there. Kerry may have played instinctive basketball, but that was only on the surface. This is a basketball intellectual,

Kerry proved last year that he would find a way to put the ball in the basket regardless of the conditions facing him. The shooting university he transferred to last year occurred after a hand fracture that, as mentioned, disabled him for almost the entire previous season. On the other hand: it was not his punching hand.