Steph grew up playing basketball in Charlotte. He has always been the best player on his team, an amazing scorer, who has not always been considered good enough for the next level. After leading the high school where he played for several championships, Kerry wanted to play in Virginia Tech, the college where his father starred. Still, the college offered him to come as a WALK-IN, without a scholarship, and that said, he also sat out the first season. Kerry weighed a little over 70 pounds, which prevented colleges from seeing him. The one who did not miss him, and courted him with great determination was Bob McKillop, Davidson College coach. Davidson was a small college in North Carolina, and in the absence of other offers, Kerry went to play there.

Kerry’s freshman season was excellent at the local level. He led Davidson to the league she played in and the NCAA Tournament. No small achievement for the small college. The team lost already in the first round.

2021-22 History

Warriors’ Steph Curry earns his first NBA Finals MVP Award

The NBA has never seen anyone with such a dominant championship impact at his size. He’s listed at 6-foot-2 now, which is funny because he’s been rumored to be an inch taller for the last ten years. In his old age, he must be shrinking. He’s the shortest player to build a dynasty. He will […]

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Stephen Curry

pre-birthday – Steph Curry’s BEST PREGAME SHOTS

Steph Curry’s birthday is almost here, pre-birthday – Steph Curry’s BEST PREGAME SHOTS

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Steph Curry'

“Steph was Brilliant”

The Golden State Warriors win the Portland Trail Blazers 132-95 on Thursday evening in their first game back from the All-Star break.    The win improved them to 43-17 in 60 games played on the season, and they are currently the second seed in the Western Conference.    After the game, head coach Steve Kerr […]

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