Second Season In College

His big break on the national stage, Kerry made in his second season in colleges. Once again, he led Davidson to the NCAA Tournament, and this time he made sure to keep leading them forward. Davidson was ranked tenth and met in the first round the seventh-ranked Gonzaga. Steph scored 30 points in the second half and brought Davidson back from behind in the second half to win. He finished the game with 40 points and 8 of 10 for three. Two days after that, the Wildcats met the No. 2 ranked in the area, the Georgetown of Patrick Ewing Jr. and Roy Hibbert. Georgetown was ranked 8th in the national rankings, having visited the Final Four just one season earlier. Kerry scored just 5 points in the first half, and Davidson trailed by 17. Kerry’s 25 points in the second half led to a turnaround and a 74-70 victory for the Little College, and its rise to the 16th Suite. Davidson met the No. 3 seed in the Wisconsin area in the third round. This time there was no need for a comeback with a 17-point victory with Kerry scoring 30 points again. Davidson’s crazy run ended in a meeting with the No. 1 seed in the area, and the college champion on the way to Kansas. The team consisted of Mario Chalmers, Brandon Rosh, Darrell Arthur, and Cole Aldrich. Steph scored 25 points and had the last ball 2, 5 seconds to go. But Kerry was unable to free himself from guarding him and, at the end of the movie, gave a message to Jason Richard, who missed the basket.